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7 November 2022

29 October 2022

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  • curprev 22:4822:48, 29 October 2022Aronora talk contribs 768 bytes +768 Created page with "{{Person| name=Elizabeth II| imaje=Queen_Elizabeth_II_on_3_June_2019.jpg| xencu=21 de mesi 4, 1926| morcu=8 de mesi 9, 2022| ergoxey=wangu}} '''Elizabeth II''' sen (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) le sen femwangu feBriti ji fe alo dexa xorfe 1952 finfe tesu morcu fe 2022. tesu jaxali-wangu sen Charles III. == Jiwagrafi == Elizabeth le sen fembete fe Prince Albert ji tesu gami Elizabeth. patre fe Elizabeth le sen duayum manbete fe wangu George V. ji Mary. Elizabeth l..."